Taking Care Of Your Roof

Taking proper care of your roof is so important. Especially if you live in a colder climate where there is a large amount of rain or snowfall, it is imperative you keep your roof properly maintained. Even if you just had a new roof installed there are still care and maintenance tips that are important to follow. Your roof is one of the biggest investments you make for your home, so make sure your money is well spent.

Most homeowners have no idea how often to clean their roof. This can be quite the task but do not worry; this is not something that needs to be done on a daily or even monthly basis. Even just a few times a year is more than enough to clean dirt and debris from off the roof. This includes any dirt or snow that builds upon the top of the roof over the year as well as cleaning any leaves and other debris from the eaves troughs.

Twice a month you should get up on the roof – or get someone else to if you would rather not – and perform an inspection on it. Look carefully from one side to the next to ensure there are no loose shingles, tiles missing or any cracks or holes. If you see any of these problems or leakage or rot, the next step is to contact a professional contractor.

If you have any roofing experience yourself you could save a few bucks and take it on as a DIY task. Just make sure you do not jump up on the roof and start trying to fix things if you have no idea what you are doing. Not only are you likely to just end up causing more of a problem but you could get seriously injured as well.

Another important tip for proper roof maintenance is to inspect around the sides of the roof after heavy storms. With torrential downpour and heavy winds, large debris can fly around and end up landing on your roof. This could result in clogged gutters and a filthy roof. You can also check up in the attic for water stains as this will tell you whether or not there are leaks in the roof you were not aware of.

This is an important step because it helps prevent you from paying out money unnecessary for roof repairs. If there are small holes or broken shingles it is best to notice this from the start when they are not causing any problems, as opposed to you not noticing and having it turn into a bigger problem. Often homeowners neglect their roves because it is something they just do not think about but it is an important part of any house to take care of.

In the future, if you have your roof reshingled, make sure you are aware of any guarantees or warranties offered. The more you are covered the less money you will have to shell out in the future so it is well worth familiarizing yourself with this now.